About the Competition

After the prize giving you can join or watch our professional auctioneer selling the carvings to the highest bidder.

Please note that the majority of the main pieces purchased at the auction must be paid for in cash, although some carvers will accept a cheque or electronic transfer, so please ask the carver before bidding.

All proceeds of the Quick Carve auction go to the community.

Note, Spey Valley Hire are once again offering free delivery for carvings up to a 50 mile radius. Delivery beyond this by negotiation with Spey Valley Hire.

Name Nationality
Adrian Bois Argentina
Alice Buttress Scotland
Anton Klijnsmit Netherlands
Craig Steele Scotland
David Roberts Wales
Garry Shand Scotland
Garry Turler Wales
Iain Chalmers Scotland
Ian Williams Wales
Igor Kucera Czechoslovakia
James Elliott UK
John Hayes Eire
Jonny Stableford UK
Josh Dagg Canada
Martin Kalman Slovakia
Michael Tamoszus Germany
Mike Burgess UK
Pete Bowsher UK
Roni Macdonald Scotland
Thomas Earing USA
Tim Burgess England
Tim Klock USA
Tom Harris-Ward Scottish
Wladek Ligocki Poland


The Competition

The main competition will be held over 4 hours, including a break after 2 hours. In addition a ‘quick carve’ event will be held immediately after the main event, with carvers being asked to prepare a small carving which can then be auctioned for the benefit of the local community. Dependent upon competition entrants the Novice competition may be run again this year. In order to be able to participate novices must be able to meet the entry requirements as outlined below.

Health & Safety

It is important that safe working practices are observed at all times in accordance with UK Health & Safety Law and recognised best practice. The Organisers therefore reserve the right to exclude anyone who they consider to be unsafe or a danger to others.

Entry Requirements

UK carvers will be required to produce a copy of their Certificate of Competence in the maintenance and use of chainsaws; and must have public liability insurance for £5,000,000. All overseas carvers should record their experience in their C.V which should be submitted with their Entry Form.


Free accommodation will be available to carvers at the Carrbridge Bunkhouse, otherwise carvers are invited to contact the many local accommodation providers within the village to make their own arrangements. Please see the Carrbridge website for further details: www.carrbridge.com

Competition Equipment

The competitors will only be allowed to use chainsaws to remove wood and to finish the carving. Specialist carving bars will be allowed. No other power tools or hand tools will be permitted.

The only form of enhancement to the carving allowed is burning. Carvers must provide their own saws. Chainsaw personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times when using a chainsaw. The PPE will comply with FISA guide 301 using petrol driven chainsaws. Your set of safety clothing should include Jacket, Trousers, Safety Boots, eye protection, safety gloves and ear defenders. Each carver is to be responsible for the provision of their own safety clothing and PPE. Any working platforms used must be of safe construction and prevent any accidental fall which could result in injury.

Wood Selection

The wood will measure approximately 22 inches (56cm) diameter by 8 feet (244cm) long and it is hoped will be Sitka Spruce. This will be confirmed to entrants prior to the event. Selection will be on a first come first served basis. You may exchange logs with other carvers. It may help to arrive early and have a good look at the available wood and its location.

The Carving

This must be achieved from within your selected log and the off cuts. Once you have your log you may debark your log and draw on it. You may also make one cut only for example to or to cut it to length. You can also have it stood up; however carving must not start until the advertised times. You may carve any design you like, but please remember the sculptures are also viewed by members of the public with children. The organisers therefore reserve the right to remove any sculpture considered offensive.


Six judges will mark each carving out of 10 and the carver with the highest overall score out of a maximum 60 points will be declared the winner. The Chief Judge will have the casting vote in the event of a draw. All pieces will be judged on technical difficulty and artistic merit.

Auction of Pieces

Following the judging and the prize giving the finished works of art will be sold at auction starting with the first placed and then in descending order. All proceeds from the auction will go to the carver. If a carver chooses not to sell his work it can be withdrawn from the auction before the bidding starts. Note your carving must be auctioned as one lot, you may not split your carving into two or more lots. Once the main pieces have been auctioned the ‘quick carve’ sculptures will be auctioned. In this case all proceeds will go to benefit the local community.