Carvers 2019

The following 24 Carvers were successfully drawn from 32 entrants.
This list may be subject to change, should Carvers circumstances change in the interim.

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England UK Earth

Adrian Bois

Peter Bowsher

Mike Burgess

Josh Dagg

James Elliott

Jason Fisk
I’ve been an artist all my life and started getting into chainsaw carving since 2000.  I live in a redwood forest on the coast of California which has provided me with a wealth of beautiful redwood to carve and the inspiration to do it.  I’ve never competed in a woodcarving conpetition before but I’m a fast and detailed carver that creates original works of art.  It would be my dream come true to have the opportunity to compete at Carve Carrbridge.

Damon Goreki

Sylvia Itzen
Starting with stone carving and painting, since 17 years with the chainsaw on the way to create art. Successful participation in national and international chainsaw events and exhibitions. 2016/17 and 2018 successful participation in the German championship in speedcarving.
Participation in social projects. Even workshops with the severely disabled and implementation / organization / management of the NordheideCup 2017 (chainsaw event) are part of the area of responsibility.
The different sculptures, whether abstract or figural.

Martin Kalman

Igor Kučera
Czech Republic

Władysław Ligocki

Roni MacDonald
Based in Oban Roni has been a regular competitor since the beginning of the event.

Hamish Maxwell

David Roberts

Arran Scott

I am a UK based Chainsaw Sculptor from East Sussex. I have been chainsaw carving since 2011, Full time 2 years. I carve at many of the living heritage shows across the country, as well as Woodfest country show (North Wales)
I thrive on the pressure from the speed carves throughout these events and I enjoy the competitive elements of live events. Throughout the shows last year I have become recognised for my unique figures which adopt an abstract finish to encourage the audience to engage and connect with the overall composition, and to bring their own experiences and perspective in response to the sculpture. My sculptures are a playful exploration of motion and movement in the human form through the deliberate and skilled use of positive and negative space.

Marcos Mariño Seoane

Sculptor Gallego (Spain), trained in the school of applied arts Master Mateo of Santiago de Compostela twenty years ago. I have been working with chainsaws for 4 years now and I have already attended several international events and competitions. I am also the official sculptor of Husqvarna for Spain and Portugal. In these years I have made several sculptures for different cities of my country and abroad, in addition to countless demonstrations throughout the country.
International events:
– Participation in X Ax Festival in Tomsk (Russia) in 2017.
– Participation in the III International Sculpture Symposium of Temuco (Chile) in 2018.
– Paricipation in the second Open of Igualada (Cataluña) in 2018.
– Participation in the Open of England 2018.
– Participation in the European Chainsaw Carving Championship in UK in 2018.
– Participation in the Autumn Chainsaw Carving Steel Beavers in Kaunas in 2018.

Garry Shand

Jonathan Sherwood

Jonny Stableford

Craig Steele

Michael Tamozus

Garry Turler

Ian Williams


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